Fundraising Calendar

Follow This Fundraising Timeline to Stay on Track


 March - Recruit:

  1. Recruit three friends/colleagues to form your team. Help them register or register them yourselves online HERE
  2. You can now register one or more members of your team at the same time! Just fill in your information completely and then click on SAVE & ADD ANOTHER PARTICIPANT
  3. Educate yourself and your teammates on Kurling for Kids equipment proposals HERE


March to December - Keep an eye out for K4K virtual events throughout the year:

  1. Make sure to check out the MONTHLY EVENTS and participate in the ones that interest you


February to December Fundraise:

Implement fundraising ideas and tools (see K4K Fundraising Tools in PARTICIPANTS section)

  1. Use the fundraising tools available to you and fundraise online
  2. Use your personal fundraising page to greatly increase your fundraising potential
  3. Upload your address book to your contact list on your personal fundraising page
  4. Create your email message, and send out your donation request to your contacts
  5. Track your progress
  6. Host a joint fundraising event with teammates. Engage your network to achieve your fundraising goal


All year long! Have a great time at Kurling for Kids:

  1. At the end of our fundraising year, hand in your fundraising donations. For online funds raised, they will already be posted on your personal fundraising page. For any offline funds raised, contact your K4K event organizer to make arrangements to hand in money collected (cheques + cash) and completed pledge forms
  2. Show your corporate colours if you’re representing your company
  3. Have fun!

Remember that the raffle draw is on November 5th, 2022 so if you haven't reached your objective, or want to help us raise more, you can keep your unsold tickets and continue to sell tickets and gather donations.  Together we can do it!


November 5th, 2022 : Raffle Day

  1. Enjoy your success and see first-hand what the final amount raised will be for our 2022 K4K event
  2. See if you or anyone you sold raffle tickets to is a winner!
  3. Thank your team members and donors for their participation in your success