What happens if I don’t reach my commitment?

Everyone who participates in Kurling for Kids needs to raise a minimum of $250. When you put your mind to it you will be amazed how much you can raise for a cause that helps to improve the lives of our sick kids.

If you’re not able to raise the minimum amount of $250, you’re encouraged to make a donation to your personal fundraising page to top off what you’ve raised. We’re here to help you, though! Once you register for Kurling for Kids, we’ll send you coaching emails to help you meet and exceed your fundraising goal. Every year, hundreds of people like you raise at least $250 – there’s no reason you can’t too!.

As well, as long as your Kurling for Kids team has raised at least $1,000, it is ok although we encourage each participant to try and raise the minimum $250 each.

If you are having difficulty reaching your fundraising goal, please contact your Kurling for Kids Club Organizer who can support you in your fundraising efforts. You can find their contact information on your Kurling for Kids location page.

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