2020 Campaign: UHC Sherbrooke

2020 Project Propositions for CHU Sherbrooke

Vital Signs Monitor for the pediatric department of Fleurimont Hospital

vital signs monitor

This device is used to take patients’ blood pressure, oxygen saturation, and pulse. This equipment is needed in preparation of the construction of the new Centre mère-enfant (CMEU), the hospital must ensure that it will have enough devices to meet the new needs.

When moving to the new Centre mère-enfant (CMEU), patients will benefit from significant improvements, including single rooms rather than six-patient rooms.

With the addition of new Vital Signs Monitors, the hospital will be better able to plan patient care. In addition, there will be less time wasted, as staff will spend less time searching for and disinfecting this equipment.

Unit cost: $ 4,000







Analytical Scale with 4 decimal places for Fleurimont Hospital

analytical scale

The Analytical Scale allows highly precise follow-up for patients with nutritional needs including babies.

Certain patients, especially babies, are very fragile and the administration of food and dietary supplements must be done with great precision.

Scales with 4 decimal places allow hospital staff to weigh the food or food supplements that must be administered to patients with great precision.

Unit cost: $ 3,000







Please visit www.fondationchus.org for more information about this incredible hospital.