K4K 2024 Campaign



On behalf of the Kurling for Kids Executive Committee, the volunteers, the curlers, fundraisers and especially the thousands of children who will benefit from your support, we invite you to join us for K4K 2024. From humble beginnings of $6,628 in our first year (1999), we set a fundraising record of $455,000 in 2019!!! In our first twenty-five years we have raised over $5 million for children’s hospitals. And this year is an extremely special year as K4K celebrates its 26th anniversary and we are anxiously looking for more clubs and organizations to partner with to raise funds for children's hospitals all over Canada.

The last several years have been challenging as we ended up having to cancel either all or a portion of our main events of curling for the first time in our history due to the pandemic.  Most corporate events were also cancelled as well as any in-person affiliate events on our behalf.  However we are very proud to say that despite all of the hardships everyone was living through, Kurling for Kids was still able to raise $1,125,000 between 2020-2023.  As well we were able to add 5 new children's hospitals to the Kurling for Kids family as funds were also raised for the following new hospitals and foundations:

  • Boundary Trails Health Center (BTHC) in Manitoba
  • Centre hospitalier universitaire de Sherbrooke (CHUS)
  • SickKids Hospital in Toronto
  • Children's Hospital of Eastern Ontario (CHEO)
  • Stollery Children's Hospital in Edmonton

This was the first step in what we hope will be the trend for many years as Kurling for Kids looks to expand and continue to add more children's hospitals across Canada until we are raising funds for all of them!  The way our fundraising works is that all funds raised in a region will go to the children's hospital in that region.  So funds stay local and participants can rest assured that all funds collected will go to your closest children's hospital.

Click the logos below to see the equipment and services which your fundraising, donations and sponsorships will be purchasing for each hospital