KURLING FOR KIDS FAQ (frequently asked questions)


Kurling for Kids is a community fundraising event dedicated to improving the lives of children and their families by raising funds to allow children's hospitals to provide leading-edge medical treatments, programs and equipment which would otherwise be out of reach.

Kurling for Kids participants curl and fundraise in events together toward one common goal - providing better care for children in the largest single-day, volunteer-led curling fundraising event in Canada in support of children's hospitals.

It is the largest single-day, volunteer-led curling fundraising event in Canada in support of children's hospital

Due to COVID, some of our events will be virtual.  Make sure to check out the complete list of events taking place in 2022!

The 2022 main event takes place on Saturday April 9, 2022 although other clubs/regions can hold their events whenever suits them best.

Kurling for Kids takes place in different curling clubs and corporate locations in Quebec, Ontario and Alberta. We are always on the lookout for new clubs, corporate events and hospitals to join our event. Search for a location near you on our MAP or CONTACT US if you would like to join us and raise funds for your local hospital.

Kurling for Kids is an entirely volunteer driven event from the board members, club organizers and to all of the volunteers who give their time and efforts at each of our member clubs.
The incredible efforts of our volunteers helps to keep costs down, which directs more money to Kurling for Kids to fund more life-saving equipment for the children!

Not at all, you can participate in Kurling for Kids in many different ways, as a participant in one of our many events throughout the year, as a fundraiser, or as a volunteer. Kurling for Kids welcomes adults and children of all ages to take part in a Kurling for Kids event. You do not need to be a curler or a member of a club to participate, you just need to want to raise funds for your local children's hospital.  Kurling for Kids is an excellent way to be introduced to the sport of curling and raise funds for a very worthy cause.

You can find more information about the events which are already scheduled on the Locations page.

Can’t find an event near you? If you are unable to participate in one of our scheduled events, you can still help the children by registering as a K4K Fundraiser. Register at no charge as a team or as an individual and have access to the great fundraising tools available on the Online Participant Centre. Not only will you be helping to fund equipment that can save and improve lives of children treated at your local children's hospital, you will also be eligible for fantastic incentive prizes!

No, you can register for free as a fundraiser only and raise funds for your local children's hospital.
All you need to do is select the location where you would like your funds to be applied (i.e. which hospital), select "Fundraiser - Register for free as a fundraiser" and you can start your fundraising right away.

And if you change your mind after registering, you can always go back to review the Virtual Events available and purchase event tickets at any time.

Click HERE to register today!

We would love to welcome your company or organization to Kurling for Kids!

Here's how you can get involved if you're with a company or organization: Determine how you and your colleagues would like to raise funds. Some ideas are to do an online Bingo or Trivia game and all funds raised would go to your local children's hospital.

You can also join one a K4K scheduled event as a Corporate team and gain extra exposure for your company/organization.
Click HERE to to find out more about corporate sponsorship opportunities.

We encourage all participants in our events to try to raise as much money as they can. When you put your mind to it you will be amazed how much you can raise for a cause that helps to improve the lives of our sick kids.

If you're looking for ways to kickstart your fundraising, one great way is to make a donation to your personal fundraising page which will demonstrate your commitment and encourage others to make donations as well. And we’re here to help you! Once you register for Kurling for Kids, we’ll send you coaching emails to help you meet and exceed your fundraising goal and you will have access to amazing fundraising tools in the participant center which will make it easy to raise funds. Every year, hundreds of people just like you raise hundreds and thousands of dollars individually and there’s no reason you can’t too! No matter what you raise, Kurling for Kids' strength has always been in numbers and every dollar raised adds up very fast - that's how we have been able to raise $4.3 million in our history!

In 2022, we ask that each participant in a CURLING event raise a minimum of $250.  And if you can $300 or more it opens up a whole bunch of incentive rewards for you!

The money raised goes towards the purchase of critical needs equipment for children's hospitals and all funds raised in your region will go to the children's hospital in your region.
See the money raised so far and its use HERE

Yes. The Foundation's charitable number is 83329 5249 RR0001. When you donate to Kurling for Kids, you will receive a tax receipt for any monetary donation of $20 or more. A tax receipt is not given if you purchase a raffle ticket.

For more information about sponsorship opportunities, click HERE or you can contact us by email at [email protected]

Kurling for Kids does not canvass door-to-door. Nor, does the Foundation encourage volunteer participants to solicit funds by door-to-door canvassing, and most certainly not during this pandemic.
Some Kurling for Kids club events may have participants fundraise in their communities as part of their fundraising efforts for their events.

If you are approached by a fundraiser who states that they are raising money for Kurling for Kids, please follow this advice:
- If you know and trust the fundraiser and you want to make a donation, please donate by giving the fundraiser a cheque made out to the Kurling for Kids. Do not give cash.
- If the fundraiser is unknown to you and you want to support Kurling for Kids, please visit our website at www.kurlingforkids.org for donation options.
- If you are suspicious of a fundraiser, please take note of their appearance and contact your local police department as soon as possible.