Maude Feels Privileged To Have Benefited From Laser Surgery

At the age of 17, I learned that I had a brain tumor and started having epileptic seizures. The tumor was inoperable, there were too many risks associated with the procedure.

I developed anxiety due to this discovery. I deprived myself of doing several activities because I was terrified of having an epileptic seizure in public or being alone during a seizure.

The drugs had side effects that made my college journey difficult. The operation was an extraordinary opportunity for me. I felt much better and I could finally resume my lifestyle and live my life as a young 19-year-old woman like others.

I made the right decision to have laser surgery and I was lucky to have benefited from it. I could never express enough gratitude to the Kurling For Kids Foundation. It is now up to me to get involved and to allow other people to have access to this technology.