William’s Condition Improved Thanks To K4K’s Neurosurgical Laser

When we first heard about the neurosurgical laser, my partner and I were scared because we remembered the conventional operation that William had undergone at the age of 10 months. At that time, the risk of complications was high and a long hospitalization was ensured.

However, after meeting Dr. Weil, our choice was easy. With all the advantages of this surgery, William was only going to benefit from it.  The surgery went very well: no ICU hospitalization and in less than 24 hours we were at home. A week after the operation, William was already returning to school!

Thanks to Kurling for Kids, there is hope for William and other children with epilepsy who are resistant to medical treatment and whose tumors are difficult to access.

Thank you SO MUCH Kurling for Kids!

Karine and Marc