Donate Prizes, Products or Services


While we appreciate and prefer financial donations to meet our objective, we also understand that it is not always possible to donate money. Some of Kurling for Kids' exceptional auction and raffle items have often been donated by generous business supporters. These are a wonderful source of income where everyone gains – the bidder/winner receives the prize, the donor gets recognition and makes a happy new customer, and K4K benefits from cost savings. K4K is always looking for more unique and wonderful items to give at our events – anything from prizes, products or services. Large or small, the sky’s the limit.


Donating items provides a unique opportunity to promote your company through K4K. We use in-kind donations as prizes, or as items for silent auctions. Gift baskets or certificates, concert or sporting event tickets, spa packages or company merchandise are ideal gifts to give your organization visibility with K4K.


Donating your products to K4K can help improve your business through increased goodwill and might give you a better bottom-line option than heavily discounting and selling it. In addition, you might get new customers to try your product as we will distribute them to our participants. Imagine your company's t-shirts on 800+ participants!


Professional services such as printing, advertising, office services, and catering are among some of our needs. If you have a professional service to offer, which is not on this list, please do not hesitate to contact us by filling out the form below. We truly welcome all talents and ideas, and look forward to partnering with you