Can I fundraise by going door-to-door?

Kurling for Kids does not canvass door-to-door. Nor, does the Foundation encourage volunteer participants to solicit funds by door-to-door canvassing.

Some Kurling for Kids club events may have participants fundraise in their communities as part of their fundraising efforts for their events.

If you are approached by a fundraiser who states that they are raising money for Kurling for Kids, please follow this advice:

  • If you know and trust the fundraiser and you want to make a donation, please donate by giving the fundraiser a cheque made out to the Kurling for Kids. Do not give cash.
  • If the fundraiser is unknown to you and you want to support Kurling for Kids, please visit our website at for donation options.
  • If you are suspicious of a fundraiser, please take note of their appearance and contact your local police department.


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