If I purchase tickets on-line, can I assign my purchase to a participant of Kurling for Kids?

Yes, when you purchase tickets one of the fields you must complete is “who are you buying tickets from”, simply select the name of the person who you wish to purchase tickets from and your transaction will be processed and the K4K participant will be advised.

The K4K participant in turn will coordinate with you to get you your tickets.

If you cannot find the name of the K4K participant, you can indicate the name in the field “Can’t find the name of the K4K participant”.

If the ticket purchase is simply to sponsor Kurling for Kids simply select Purchase from Main Event and Kurling for Kids will be in contact with you directly.

Click HERE to buy tickets now!

Please note that online ticket sales may take 24-48 hours to be processed as well as to be reflected in the K4K participants fundraising thermometer and overall event thermometer.

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