First-ever laser surgery thanks to K4K

First-ever laser surgery thanks to K4K

A first in Canada!

Thanks to Kurling for Kids, the CHU Sainte-Justine recently conducted the very first laser surgery in a patient with epilepsy, a Canadian first.

Dr. Alexander Weil, neurosurgeon at the CHU Sainte-Justine, recently used a neurosurgical laser to treat a child with epilepsy for the first time in Canada. Using this revolutionary new technology is a first not only in Canadian pediatrics, but is also ground-breaking in the treatment of epilepsy, as shown in the following video.

This minimally invasive brain surgery (a 4mm incision, with no need for the patient’s head to be shaved) did not require an admission to intensive care and allowed the patient to be discharged from the hospital after 24 hours, in contrast to the average one-week stay common with conventional surgery. “The surgery went completely according to plan. Our patient is doing very well, and was able to go home quickly and return to normal activities.

“We’re very proud of how it went,” stated Dr. Weil, who trained in this surgical technique while completing his fellowship at the University of Miami. “Thanks to the level of precision that this technique allows, and our ability to observe the treatment in real-time via magnetic resonance imaging, this new technology lets us offer a less invasive and safer alternative, especially for those patients who cannot undergo conventional surgery or who might suffer damage to healthy areas surrounding a tumour or an epileptic lesion. Waiting times are also reduced considerably, because the patient does not need to be admitted to intensive care and extended hospitalization can be avoided,” he added.

Patients who can benefit from this innovative technology include children suffering from treatment-resistant epilepsy as well as those with tumours located in areas of the brain that are difficult to reach using conventional surgery.

A major role played by Kurling for Kids

This revolutionary equipment was only acquired thanks to the support of Kurling for Kids. The CHU Sainte-Justine received a commitment of a $600,000 donation from Kurling for Kids over the next four years, at a pace of $150,000 per year. Such a commitment has enabled the hospital to buy the equipment as soon as this Fall and use it as fast as possible to benefit the kids in need from all across the country. Thus, it is a source of great joy and pride to know that all the generous time, energy and effort given by Kurling for Kids donators, sponsors and participant are providing tangible results and bringing some real smiles to the kids in need and their families. Happy Christmas everyone!

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