Money Raised



1999$6,628Donation used to purchase incubator
In 1999, the funds raised were put towards the purchase of an incubator
96 Curlers
In 1999, the funds raised were put towards the purchase of an incubator
96 Curlers
2001$21,340Micro-debrideur96 Curlers - 12 curlers set a Guinness World Record in a 24 hour Curling Marathon
2002$20,191Endoscopic Camera96 Curlers
2003$25,000Video Fluoroscopy Chair

Fetal Monitor
160 Curlers
2004$31,000Syringe Pumps

BiPap Respirator
160 Curlers
2005$58,770Pulse Oximeters

Electric beds
264 Curlers
2006$101,455Nerve Integrity Monitor

Cardiopulmonary Bypass Machine
368 Curlers
2007$129,585Automatic DNA Extractor

Cavitron Ultrasonic Aspirator
480 Curlers
2008$151,070Physiological Monitor

Transoesophageal Ultrasound
528 Curlers
2009$169,332Holter System for Cardiology
Vocera Wireless Telecomm. System
528 Curlers
2010$200,630Cell Counter

Rovolix Thulium tabletop surgical laser
576 Curlers
2011$201,0003D Endoscopic Vision Head Mounted Display

ORL Department critical needs equipment
608 Curlers
2012$210,000Physiological Monitor

Cardiac monitor

K4K Play Area

Cryotherapy Cardiology Equipment
608 Curlers
2013$252,725Neonatal Intensive Care Unit Giraffe

K4K Play Area

Pulmonary Physiology Unit

Sleep Apnea Monitor

K4K awarded Event of the Year by Curling Quebec

Electrocautery Equipment


K4K Play Area

Dr. Clown

Fetoscopy Equipment

JTS Implant
688 Curlers
2015$321,020Sugita Head Frame

K4K Play area

SimMan 3G advanced patient simulator

700+ Curlers
2016$331,153Respiratory Medicine Equipment

Dr. Clown program

Fetoscopy Equipment

Orthopedic Hardware - JTS Implant
2017$366,6266 Trilogy Portable Respiratory Ventilators

NeuroBlate MRI System Laser Neurosurgical (Year 1 of 4)

2018$420,278Functional MRI (Year 1 of 2)

NeuroBlate MRI System Laser Neurosurgical (Year 2 of 4)

2019$455,000Functional MRI (Year 2 of 2) + NeuroBlate MRI System Laser Neurosurgical (Year 3 of 4)

700 curlers
2020$225,000Difficult Airway Cart
Mild Traumatic Brain Injury Clinic Physiotherapist
NeuroBlate MRI System Laser Neurosurgical (Year 4 of 4)
Center for Pediatric Cardiac Sciences
Event cancelled due to Pandemic
2021Objective of $250,000Online event only due to pandemic
2022Objective of $250,000Over $300,000 raised. Equipment purchased to be updated soon
2023Objective of $500,000K4K Celebrates its 25th anniversary